Matt Bomer Scores Montgomery Clift Biopic

Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer wasn’t up to play the role of Christian Grey, and now we may know why. It’s being reported that Bomer scored the holy grail of biopics, as he’s said to play Montgomery Clift in a new film about the actor’s life.
The actor, known to many as Monty Clift, is one of the most prestigious and dynamic actors of all time. An American film and stage actor, Clift often portrayed “moody, sensitive young men” and is a leading example for many aspiring actors trying to pave their way into Hollywood. Montgomery Clift was also known for his exquisite good looks, which is something Matt Bomer could probably relate to, as he is regarded as one of Hollywood’s hunkiest men around.
The synopsis for Bomer’s Monty Clift biopic is as follows:
“A young Montgomery Clift finds himself in love with a young Elizabeth Taylor following the filming of A Place In The Sun.”
For Bomer, this marks his first starring role in a film. In the past, Bomer has made a home for himself on television, most notably in the USA hit White Collar. Before he was Monty Clift, Bomer was a stripper in Magic Mike, which may play into the hunkability aspect of Bomer’s Hollywood leading man charm.
Producer Michael Din confirmed via Twiter that the Montgomery Clift biopic that IMDB posted a few days ago is in fact true. Although the biopic doesn’t have a schedule yet, we’re sure that Bomer and co are going to take every opportunity available to them to drop the film during awards season. While Bomer will miss his potential to nab an award this year, it’s said that the biopic will film sometime in 2014, so perhaps we will be hearing Matt Bomer’s name announced on the big day in 2015.
As for who will play a young Elizabeth Taylor, that seems to be up in the air. One thing is for certain is that Lindsay Lohan will most likely not reprise her role as Taylor.
Who would you like to see acting against Matt Bomer’s Montgomery Clift?